A commentary by Rep. Lloyd C. Daniel

We now know that the Russian government helped Trump win the White House. When President Obama was legally elected, Republican congress people held a press conference declaring that they would oppose him at every turn, and they did. Turn about is fair play, and so, the Democrats should treat the Trump/Putin administration the same way. From my point of view, we must do more for ourselves, as we respond to the current circumstance; we the people must implement a 3Rs strategy against the “so-called President” and his gangster Russian allies.


He’s so thin-skinned, hot headed and juvenile, it will help run him even crazier, and in turn, enable him to make more and greater mistakes which will slow the process and eventually help lead to his impeachment.


By all means necessary, impede his delusional, racist, sexist, and fascist path.

On the Internet, investigate, educate, motivate and inspire through all the news and social media outlets we still control.

  • Demand your congress people call for a full and complete “independent” investigation, as was the case with Watergate.
  • Lawsuits
  • Boycotts
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Demand his tax returns that he wants to hide, probably, in part, because of his financial and political conflicts of interest with Russia and the Saudi monarchy. This might also explain why the Saudis were not included on his “Don’t Let Them In” list.
  • Address the United Nations and the World Court on the criminal corporate coup that has befallen this nation.

To the brave young people, who are already leading many of these strategies, endeavors and more, be confident. For it is you who now stand and fight on the right side of world history.


Encourage and support the organizing, led by young adults, as was the sit-in movement, a rainbow-like coalition which was originally pulled together, in the ‘80s, by grassroots activists like Steve Cokely for Judge Harold Washington in the dynamic and successful mayoral race in Chicago and which was soon after adopted by Rev. Jesse Jackson.

This “Formation” which includes a diverse array of groups and organizations such as: Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, Women’s movements, Native American movements, the NAACP, progressive labor unions, La Raza, LBGTQ activists, environmental activists, LULAC, and anti-war activists is, at this moment, gathering steam across this country and around the world, led by the youth and their use of social media and the tactic of non-cooperation with this illegitimate government.

These are just some of the many faces of the Great Human Rights Movement of the 21st century.

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