(for the african blood brotherhood,
tulsa oklahoma 1921,
whoodini, keith ailer, harry daniel
& other resistance fighters)

some people got problems
money was his god
sex was hers
betrayal was his god
power was hers
this way of downpression
must come to an end
we must stand for the just
and begin again
they’re shifting to the right
they like the nazis now
we’d better see the problem
in a new light now
the mind & the body
knows which way to go
the mind and the body
separation no
the mind & the body
you know that since the start
the mind & the body
ain’t never been apart
if we really love our children
we’ll leave no doubt in their minds
it’s gonna take more than money
to save us in due time
we don’t have to give in
to the slimy right
for we’re grooving on the one
& putting up a fight
we stand on the brink
of another man
all around the world
the land is changing hands
i really don’t care
if you believe me
just ask iraq/nicaragua
or mozambique
about the rise of an oppressed people

garvey said the people
have one god & destiny
it is a black starliner
for you & me
we’re moving on the one
into a better land
rising from oppression
on thy father’s hand

but only god is god
& god is love
“one god/one god
you lucky just to have/one god
one god/one god
you lucky just to have one”

when the son is out at night
and we are unified
give yourself a better life
cause god is love
god is love
god is love
god is love

lloyd daniel, (originally published 1983 – remixed 2005)

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