I pull into the grocery store parking lot. It’s 10 o’clock on a Tuesday morning. The parking lot is full and people are frantically pushing carts, hollerin at kids, and puttin dents in other people’s car doors. I think to myself, “This is odd, for a Tuesday”.Having missed the news that morning, it necessarily crossed my mind, “Is it 911 again?” So I walk up to elderly security guard, who had what looked to be a navy tattoo on his neck and said, “Parking lot’s pretty full huh”? He yells, “Didn’t you hear bout it”? I think, “Oh hell”. I knew I shoulda watched the news this mornin”. Trying to sound less apprehensive than I was, I respond, “No I haven’t seen any news”. He says, “It’s bad, real bad”! I say, “Oh yeah”? He says, “Yeah.” I ask, “So what is it”? He asks me, “You haven’t heard”? “Naw, I ain’t heard”. “It’s been on TV”. I ask, “What is it”?! Almost gleefully he yells, “Ice storm”! “Two to four inches”! It can creep up on ya. Catch ya by surprise”. People where I live are so sky oriented.I guess I’m a little on edge too.BOOM! That’s a roadside bomb.

A partner of mine, once, told me that his spiritual leader had received supreme wisdom as a result of his journey to the sun. So smiling. I asked him, “How could he go to the sun without burnin up? Ain’t it a little toasty there”? He looked at me dead serious and said, “He went at night, fool!” My people.

In and of itself, foreign occupation is a crime. BOOM! “Divine winds” unleashed by a suicide bomber.

Mayfield said:

“I don’t mind leavin here, to show the world we have no fear,
cause we’re a winner!”

BET HOLOGRAPHIC NEWS: December 25, 2045


This is Shakita Robinson, at BET news, with breaking news from occupied Palestine. We go live to BET’s Lexus Mitchell reporting. Lexus are you there? Lexus? Yes, I’m here. Thank you Shakita. I’m here to report that the man who suddenly appeared several days ago calling himself Jesus and performing what many have called miracles, has been arrested by Israeli Special Forces. This morning, in a video airedby CBN, masked gunmen, declared that if the Palestinian leader and his followers did not renounce His call for people, to disregard the authority of the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority, they would be forced to put him on trial for sedition. If convicted, the penalty would be death. Violent anti-Arab demonstrations, led by right-wing anti-Jesus settlers have been taking place throughout the day. Hundreds have been injured. At one large protest, the demonstrators, who were, at times, joined by members of the Israeli MOSAD, chanted, “Nigger Jesus No!, Nigger Jesus No!”. At one point in the rally, a 43 year old Israeli teacher, originally from New Jersey, speaking to the crowd asked the question, “Who does this schwarzer think he is”? Then suddenly, from behind a low hanging bank of amber clouds, a massive voice rumbled, “JESUS”! Many in the crowd fainted.

In another development the Israeli Peace Now Movement and their spokesperson, 95 year old Robert Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan, like a rolling stone, was halographed openly embracing the man the many are calling The Messiah.

Until the time of his, earlier morning, arrest by Israeli Special Forces, the so-called miracles, which many have deemed hoaxes, had continued, as millions swarm toJerusalem in hope of being healed. The Arab news network Al-jazeera, reported that last night, the streets of the city were teeming with onlookers stunned by the sight of hundreds of war wounded former paraplegics pushing their wheel chairs into huge bonfires, set at security check points, manned by an armed group calling themselves, the Revolutionary Brigades of the Formerly Blind.

In the upcoming segment, recorded last night, I interview a member of the Brigades, a Mr. Hakim 297X. In the clip, I ask Mr. X about his encounter with the man calling Himself Jesus. Do we have that clip ready? “I been blind my whole life. I felt somebody take my hand. And they was talking to me. I could here the kindness and strength in His voice. And I knowed it was Jesus. The next thing, I seen, was his face.I was “lookin” right at em. And he was lookin at me. At me! I’ve never saw nothin so beautiful. Really, I ain’t never saw nothing at all, till then. But what a way to start.And I don’t care if I, do, go blind again. Cause I done seen my Savior.” The night was silent.

Then Mr. X, at the top of his lunges, began to shout “Savior! Savior! Savior! Savior!Savior! Savior! …

Then we heard music. And then a choir. It seemed to coming from everywhere. At first low, but steadily building, A love supreme, a love supreme, a love supreme, a love supreme, a love supreme … It continued throughout the night. And at this early morning hour, it can still be hear.

Hold on Shakita!
I’m being handed a report. I’ll read it for you and our audience. It says that the man calling himself Jesus has apparently vanished into thin air before the eyes of Hisarmed captors.
Eyewitnesses, in the ghettos of Jerusalem, report that they have seen and spoken with Him. “As he moved amongst the crowd healing as He went.”

For a brief period, last night, He was, inexplicably, heard and seen on every holographic and electronic devise in this part of the world. He was heard and seen on each and every single radio. Yes, He was seen on the radio. Concluding His message, in the native language of every listener and viewer, Jesus said,

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

This is Lexus Mitchell reporting from Jerusalem. Back to you Shakita.

Great story Lexus! Great story! All I can say is, “Word is bond, girl! Word is bond!”

The Pentagon has yet to confirm the identity of voice and image that has been heard and seen “live” by hundreds of millions in Western Asia and Northern Africa. But few people around the world seem to be waiting for the results of the Pentagon’s analysis.

Here in the United States, having heard and seen the rebroadcast of the event, Black grandmothers across the Deep South aren’t waiting for confirmation either. We spoke with Mrs. Anna Mae Johnson, of New Orleans, a mother of 7, a grandmother of 9, and a great grand mother of 19. In the segment that follows, Mrs. Johnson expressed how she feels about the controversy. “Don’t let em fool ya child. Dey knowgood and well dat was Jesus. I could tell by da love in His voice”. You’re watching a breaking event on BET Holographic News. We’ll return, after a brief commercial message, with our “live” and on-going coverage of this historic breaking news story, along with more “live” updates on this morning’s other extraordinary story, arrival and departure times for the Motherplane. We’ll be back after this.

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