Yes, President Barak Hussein Obama, II won reelection and the Electoral College results weren’t even close. But I now pose a long range question. As the Republican Party continues to eat itself and as the motion of history is proving to be unstoppable. What will become of the ultra-right wing members and supporters of the Republicans and their Tea Party, who are now being steadily dragged, kicking and screaming into this century?

Many of them will whine and mourn the loss of unearned and therefore unfair advantage, as did most Southern Democrats, (they called them Dixiecrats) and other sad and pitiful folks lament the end of slavery, the smashing of the Confederacy, Reconstruction, the death of Ole Jeff Davis, women winning the right to vote, the gains made by both genders in all ethnic groups as a result of the modern civil rights, culturally-based power and labor movements and the numerous successful international movements for independence and national liberation, etc.

But eventually, as has been the case in other eras, most of them, after a long period of stiff, sometimes violent, resistance will decide to ride that multi-polar, many-hued, train of world realignment into a somewhat more balanced, sustainable and just future.

But what of the others? Over time, as the number of their aging supporters dwindles, nearing the end of empire, they and their super rich funders, will find themselves faced with the choice of either riding on that train, as “way better off than most” fellow travelers or packed into a tiny RICH WHITE MEN ONLY caboose, tended to by the spirit of, by then, long gone Clarence “Uncle Ruckus” Thomas and a handful of battered Nazi porters humming Wagner, as they cross over the River Jordan; confused, frustrated, angry, bitter and unreconstructed.

Editor’s Note: Lloyd Daniel is a writer, an educator, and a former member of Missouri’s House of Representatives. His website address is www.localhost:8000

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