The Republicans, who tried, all they could, to block virtually every aspect of the President’s agenda, now criticize him and his administration for what they term lack of progress. Hypocrites! Stuck on stupid, they now want to rewrite history rather than accept any responsibility for their actions. Why?

It’s because their party is now, and has been for a while, a minority party. Most people eligible to vote in this country are not Republicans. And they are not aligned with the Republican Party. Most people see the Republican Party as a cynical and dangerous tool of American ultra-conservatives, neo-fascists and the super rich, which is basically true. So in response, the Tea Party driven GOP has chosen to run a national, state by state, campaign that relies on unlimited secret money and false propaganda. At the core of this strategy is unidentified money from anywhere in the world and the illegal purging, from voting rolls, the names of registered American citizens who pay their taxes, fight in the country’s wars and according to the Constitution, have the right to vote. For people of color, in this country, having the right to vote and being able to vote are often two separate things. The Republicans, who are engaged in altering voting districts and the targeting of Black, Latino and younger voters, particularly, on college campuses, say that they’re trying to stop voter fraud. Of course, that’s just another Republican lie.
What they’re really trying to do is knock off enough voters, likely to vote for Democrats, especially President Obama, so they can more easily steal another national election.

It’s called voter suppression and it worked in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004. As you recall, neither Gore nor Kerry made a single move or uttered a single word to challenge such an obvious jacking of the so-called “democratic process”. At that moment every Democratic Senator proved themselves timid. As a result two crucial elections in a row were stolen. If that had happened in another country the US would have placed sanctions on them. Oh that’s right! In 1993, a very similar set of events occurred in Nigeria and the US did slap sanctions on that nation. Hypocrites!

But fortunately, this time around, Attorney General Eric Holder is in a position to slow their fascist roll. He has sent Justice Department staffers into states and into federal courts to stop those who are hell-bent on implementing this shameless, desperate and criminal strategy. This is the real reason behind the Confederate controlled House declaring Holder in contempt of Congress. The Attorney General and his department are openly challenging the Republicans’ on-going attempt to stage a third electoral coup.

Attorney General Holder is not defiant or contemptuous of Congress, but of the White Supremacist tradition and its die hard Nazi crew, as is the guy who hired him. The Democrats, including the President, certainly are not perfect. But who is? The party is flawed in fundamental ways. But on the state and national levels the Republicans are far worse, particularly when it comes to domestic policies. They are the mouthpieces, enforcers and errand boys and girls of the billionaire funded far-Right’s extreme and backward anti-working class, anti-poor, anti-people of color, anti-women, anti-green, anti-gay and lesbian, anti-historical, anti-common sense, pro-big people damn the little people, pro-prison, un-regulated capitalist agenda. Republicans are always talking about the joys of the “free market” and unregulated capitalism. We should not be fooled and forget that it was unregulated capitalism that bought and sold African people into slavery.
The freedom they seek is the freedom to do whatever they want to do to anything or anyone, for money. This is the freedom of the pirate.

Most Americans don’t vote. And for years, many people who think of themselves as being progressive have been obliged to vote for the Democrats, seeing them as “the lesser of two evils.” To remind ourselves of what’s possible and to make a clear statement of the will of America’s New Majority, in this election, to impede the growth of America’s version of a police state, I suggest that we should no longer vote for the lesser of two evils, but vote against “the eviler of two lessers.”

well dressed
blooding breathed vampires
atop mountains
of stolen treasure

we hurl our ballots
as wooden stakes

– lcd, 2012

Lloyd C. Daniel 2011 ©

Editor’s Note:
Lloyd Daniel, a former Missouri State Representative, is a writer, educator, and advocate. He’s author of the book, “Liberation Education.” He’s a Founding member of the National Black United Front, a Silver Life member of the NAACP, and 10-year member of the ACLU. His website address is www.localhost:8000 He lives in Kansas City.

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